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Artist Statement

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Reflection of who I am as an artist keeps bringing me back to one word, evolution.  I have always loved art – I drew and painted as a child, and as I got older, the transition into adulthood left me little time for creative expression.  In my 30s, another major transition, into parenthood, gave me the unexpected inspiration to return to art. Spending time with my sons and seeing the world through their eyes, moved me to pick up the paint brush again and express color with renewed wonder for the world around me.

Nature is my subject matter, whether literally interpreted through landscapes and still life or abstractly represented by the textures and depth of oil and cold wax medium.  Like the evolution of my life experiences, I love to explore and imagine the journey of objects and am inspired by history, age, and patina.

The next phase of my personal evolution and the evolution of my work is yet unknown.  Education, research, and experimentation will take me there.


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